Leave farewell

Dear colleague

It was really a great moment that I never felt in my life. 5 days ago without any assignment and did anything that I really love to. Took any risk without my boss guidelines and supervision, if you have seen a flying bird, yes I was a flying bird 5 days ago.

I’d like to thanks to my APM Pak Dian, I’ve enjoyed my leave in 5 days, I wish there still any opportunity to take leave more than 5 days, I really appreciate it.

To my Big Boss in Aussy Pak Merv, thanks to not give our team any assignment in 5 days ago, love you man.

And at least not the last, thanks to all Cataloguer for always inform me about the office situation when I’m on leave, keep being Hemos, you all the best Hemos I’ve seen.

Finally I must ending this shortest leave farewell, thanks for all and see you at office on December 9th 2008. Please not to hesitant buzz me on my YM and going round to my Blog because you always find me there.

Best regards I Gede Nurhadi www.nurhadi13.wordpress.com

5 thoughts on “Leave farewell

  1. Avatar gdwgdw says:

    enjoy ur day… 🙂

    Sige said
    Hi Gung wie, i really enjoy it. I can do all my hobby, e.g.bloging, reflexy massage, photography, traveling etc. it was totaly absolutely 100% fun..wekeke

    tnx buk.

  2. ga ngerti dah bhs inggrisnya, tingkat tinggi ini, artinya apa yah? RESIGN apa GET FIRED?

    Sige said
    Alow Bli, wajar kalo Bli gag ngerti. Ini bahasa english udah level keliwat mengkhawatirkan.hehe

    Oh surat perpisahan ini saya tujukan kepada teman-teman saya dan juga boss saya, berisi tentang perpisahan saya terhadap hari-hari indah selama 5 hari cuti.

    hehe gag ada yang serius di surat ngawur itu Bli, jadi gag ada yang namanya resign ato get fired.

    Habis terlalu banyak sie yang dipecat karena krisis global sekarang, jadi saya buat mirip surat pengunduran diri aza..

    Suksma Bli.

  3. wakakakakakak….great…but,…
    We were sad a week ago because of you….hikz..hikz…
    One of our Hemos member left the club for 5 days..
    And the most sadness of us there was no RDA for last week..

    Sige said
    hah??? i’m not hemos man, sory sory aja yeee..lo pade tuh yang hemos..

    hoho..no RDA? amazing..God really make my wish come true..tnx GOD

  4. Hehe…bingung mo comment apaan…
    Lha pas pelajaran bahasa inggris (waktu sekolah) saya sering bolos..

    Sige said
    Jangan bingung-bingung broe bendol..
    Oh ternyata bro Bendol badung juga yah, suka bolos..wekeke..baru tau saya..yah klo bingung mo koment apa, saya absen aja yah..trims bro.

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